About Us

We humans have a deep and intrinsic relationship with The Moon. This has been the case for at least the last 35,000 years but probably much longer than that. Our old friends the Aurignacians carried the earliest know lunar calendars with them when they ventured out on perilous expeditions for finding food or shelter. Their rudimentary moon clocks were rather elegantly inscribed on animal bone. Early human hunting methods could take weeks to be successful so having an idea of the lunar cycle and its implications on the natural world would be quite useful in helping ensure the hunters didn’t come back empty handed.
From then until now and doubtless forever more, The Moon has been our constant. Every culture has revered it in someway or another. It possesses an elegant, quiet calm that seems to transcend our species (perhaps many others too). A perpetual and reassuring presence for us all to depend on. A silent partner. It has bore witness to all of our actions; from the fantastic to the ferocious. It keeps our secrets and it keeps its promises.
Throughout my life I have shared many a moment with The Moon; watching it rise over the desert, covering the dunes in its shimmering, pale glow; seeing it compete with the glittering Milky Way up in the mountains, where the night lights shine so bright; on camping trips in the forest, where thin silver slivers fight their way through the dark, dense canopy to their eventual resting place on the decomposing carpet of yesterdays Fir and Pine. In some forests the canopy is so thick that only the occasional column of light makes its way through, cut off from its origin it stands there lonely, like a ghostly Roman relic, translucent yet illuminating. Despite the security afforded to us by one of natures natural shelters, Leonard Cohen's words hold true:
“…there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
I carry the memory of these moments with me, like an old photo in my wallet, cherishing the unquantifiable value that seems to increase the longer I hold them. I keep them close to my heart to unpack and enjoy during the downtime that life occasionally affords us.
Therein lies the origins of our name. Those two words, individually familiar but collectively unique. Moon canopy. They have existed in harmony together for much longer than this company has been alive. Curated and nurtured by my friend. She has quietly enjoyed the poetic dance that these simple syllables do in her mind. She dreams of the twinkling white light atop the deep, rich greens of the nighttime forest and is instilled with joyous reverence and humble solemnity. She fantasizes over floating above a gentle, rolling sea of emerald leaves and watching the ancient interaction between the soothing twilight from above and the mysterious dark from below.
These words she holds dear. I can understand why. Together they don’t just conjure vivid paintings in our thoughts but they seem to harken back to a different time, an ancient time. Where something so effortless as the interplay between celestial light and the inevitable, resultant shadows strikes a chord with our very being. So when she suggested to me that I should name this company moon canopy, I knew that it was the only choice. It instantly felt right. I am and will be forever grateful to her for such a gift and I hope that this endeavour will live up to those weighty words. The marriage of our name and our hemp products fit like a hand in a glove.
The idea of mooncanopy.com was born out of adoration. I have owned and enjoyed many different items made out of hemp fiber over the years. None have I loved more than the hemp bed sheets I acquired a fair while ago. Climbing in those sheets fills me with a profound calmness, as if my soul is letting out a deep, tired sigh, shedding all the impurities it has unknowingly picked up throughout the day. Leaving me feeling free, wiped clean like a teachers blackboard. I have never slept better. I decided that now is the time to put this adoration into action. We want you to discover what sleeping in hemp feels like. We want you to have that same experience. So the seed of moon canopy was planted. That seed has grown into the website you find yourself at today. We hope to have mirrored the fundamental characteristics of hemp fiber in our design; simple, uncomplicated and a wonderful place to be. If you are new to hemp fabric then I encourage you to click here to read our page on hemp. There will be more to come from us down the line but for now I’d simply like to say, on behalf of everyone at moon canopy:
Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.
Carl Dudley
moon canopy.